Pat McAfee Addresses His Future With WWE

Former NFL punter Pat McAfee blew fan expectations out of the water at NXT TakeOver: XXX when he made his WWE in-ring debut against Adam Cole. McAfee wound up losing the match, but Triple H made it clear in his post-show press conference that his interests with WWE stretched far beyond an analyst role and one match (going so far as to tell "The Game" he'd be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame). McAfee spoke with ESPN this week and addressed the big question about what his future with WWE will be.

"That seems to be a conversation that has been circling me for the last couple of days, and even maybe the last week or so in the buildup to this," McAfee said. "And this is going to sound very cliche, but it's 100% real and it's how I literally operate with everything. I just focus on literally what's next in my life. Because I run a business. I've got a daily show. I got a merch business. We have a touring company. I mean, there's a lot of advertising, marketing. There's a lot of things I do. And I just focus on what's next for me.

"So for when it came to the match on Saturday, I was only focused on that match. I was only focused on, 'OK, how do I go in here, put on a hell of a show, hell of a fight and get a win? And then, we'll worry about everything after that on Sunday.; We'll cross that bridge whenever we get to it," he continued. "And I've heard the conversation start all around me and there was a lot. ... Even my mom was asking, 'Well, are you going to do this again?' I'm like, 'Well, let's worry about that on Sunday.' And then I got to Sunday, obviously, and I woke up. Neck was sore, back was sore, foot was sore. I got flipped on my head. To be completely honest, I'm not 100% sure what's going to happen. I'm not under contract to do anything else with Mr. H. I assume he and I will talk about this at some point because I heard his comments in the press conference afterward, which were very nice."

McAfee wrapped up the interview by saying he has "no idea what the future holds." Do you think McAfee should start wrestling with WWE full-time? Let us know down in the comments!