Adam Cole Silences Pat McAfee at NXT TakeOver

Former NFL kicker Pat McAfee made his NXT debut on Saturday night at TakeOver XXX, taking on Undisputed Era's Adam Cole. After a stellar heel promo on Wednesday night's NXT broadcast, it was time to put up and see how much he has learned when training for a wrestling debut. McAfee wore some "For The Brand" gear and even had his own ring music created for occasion.

The early portion of the match featured McAfee trying to avoid Cole, often successfully. At one point, he stopped for a water break in the corner as Cole got a little frustrated.

Early in the match, there was a pull apart between the Undisputed Era and McAfee's former NFL player friends on the outside. McAfee went to the top rope and executes a flip to the outside on the hoard of people.

After the dive to the outside, McAfee took to the offense back in the ring. At this point, Cole hadn't really had much offense of his own outside of a headlock at the beginning. McAfee hit numerous moves, including a big drop kick at one point.

Cole fought back after McAfee seemed to get overconfident. They exchanged right hands until McAfee took advantage with a front kick. Cole hit a neckbreaker for a near fall, with the announce crew shocked that he was able to kick out.

McAfee dodged a running kick and rolled up Cole for a near fall. Cole then hit a backbreaker for a near fall. At this point, they sold that everyone underestimated McAfee and Cole looked visibly shocked.

Cole went ot the top rope but was crotched by McAfee. He climbed up to the top and went for a superplex on Cole. Cole fought back and pushed him off, but McAfee backflipped and landed on his feet. McAfee then ran to the corner, leapt to the top rope, and hit a superplex for a big near fall.


With Cole leaning out of the ring, McAfee ran up to kick him but Cole dodged it, sending McAfee foot into the steel steps. Cole stalked him and hit a superkick to the injured leg. He locked in a figure four after that. McAfee was able to fight out and get to the ropes for a break. McAfee egged him on in the corner, and Cole ran in with numerous kicks. McAfee fired back with a kick low, which the referee missed and followed that up with a clothesline. McAfee then hit a big punt kick to a leaned over Cole, with Corey Graves yelling "touchback!" He covered for a near fall.

McAfee climbed to the top rope and taunted Cole. He came off with his hands raised, but Cole was able to hit a superkick. He taunted McAfee about shutting his mouth once and for all. He went to the corner and hit a Panama City Sunrise and covered for the pinfall.