Keith Lee's WWE Raw Debut Ends in Disappointing DQ Fashion

Keith Lee made his debut for Monday Night Raw this week in shocking fashion by interrupting Randy Orton and challenging the 13-time world champion to a match. And while some fans were mad that WWE was already making changes to Lee's gimmick by having him lose his "Limitless" entrance theme, there was still hope for a great match between "The Limitless One" and the WrestleMania main-eventer. And for most of the match that was the case, right up until Orton tried to set up for the RKO. Drew McIntyre, who had been punted twice in the skull earlier in the night, dragged Orton out of the ring and started bashing "The Legend Killer" with strikes. The referee called for the bell, awarding Orton the victory by disqualification.

Lee didn't even stick around long enough to respond to the loss. Once McIntyre chased away Orton and made his way back to the ring, the former NXT Champion was already gone. McIntyre didn't even have time to celebrate, as his backstage interview following a commercial break ended in Orton getting his third successful Punt Kick of the night.

Thankfully that wasn't the end of the night for Lee, as WWE had him cut a promo backstage about his reaction to the finish and vowed revenge on Orton.

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In an interview with ComicBook earlier in the day, McIntyre talked about his history with Lee and his potential on the Raw roster.


"I'm excited. He's a great addition to our roster," McIntyre said. "And I myself being a bigger guy, he's even bigger than me and he can do it all, wrestling such a hybrid style. So I think he's going to make a really big impact."

"We do have history," he later added. "When he was showing up in Evolve, after making a name for himself around the independent scene, he powerbombed me right out of the company, I returned to NXT right after that powerbomb, the last thing that happened to me in Evolve. And then, in NXT I tore my bicep, I never really had my good-bye. To the crowd, I returned the one night during the Survivor Series period. I Claymored [Dominik] Dijakovic, had my little, 'I'm back, everybody! I never got my good-bye,' [moment]. Who's there to powerbomb me back out of NXT? Keith Lee! I have a history of him powerbombing me every time he sees me. So now either away, he's showing up on Raw, so I'm going to have eyes on the back of my head in case Keith tries to sneak up behind me, try and powerbomb me again."