Bobby Lashley Squashes Miz Again to Retain the WWE Championship on WWE Raw

Bobby Lashley opened this week's Monday Night Raw by successfully defending the WWE Championship against The Miz. "The All Mighty" once again made easy work of "The A-Lister," no-selling most of his offense before hitting his signature moves and applying The Hurt lock for the submission. The only difference between this and last week's match was that it took Lashley just a few minutes longer to put his opponent away.

Former champ Drew McIntyre was shown several times watching the match from a monitor backstage. He called out Lashley afterwards, criticizing him for not wanting to challenge McIntyre head-on and instead opting to help The Miz cash-in so he could have an easy championship victory.

McIntyre was then jumped by Sheamus, indicating their feud still isn't over.

All signs point to Lashley vs. McIntyre at WrestleMania next month. Lashley has even said as much in interviews.


"As far as Brock, Brock is one person but how I look at it is Drew beat Brock in, like, no time," Lashley said in a recent interview with Inside The Ropes. "So, of course, my sights were set on Brock for some time but, like I said, Drew is the man, Drew is the one that beat him, Drew beat Goldberg."

"Of course Brock is that kind of mystery match, dream match that everybody has wanted us to have for some time now but right now, I'm looking to be the best and right now the best is Drew," he added. "Drew is the top guy. If I beat Miz, or when I beat Miz, I think Drew is the guy."