Renee Paquette Reveals Which Extreme Jon Moxley Moment Freaked Her Out the Most

Renee Paquette (formerly Renee Young) has always been a supporter of her husband Jon Moxley, even when he dives headfirst into some extreme deathmatch stipulations. It's gotten to a point where her Twitter reactions to some of his most intense matches wind up being the highlights of a wrestling show. The Oral Sessions host spoke with Wrestling Inc. this week and named which moments from Moxley's deathmatches have freaked her out the most.

Paquette quickly brought up three matches — the Lights Out match with Kenny Omega in 2019, the I Quit Match with Eddie Kingston in late 2020 and the recent Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch with Omega.

"Yeah, when him and Kenny Omega had their first deathmatch style match, I was watching from home, and I'm like, 'Good god!' But when Kenny shoved the glass in his mouth, I was like, 'Okay, that's too much. That's crazy,'" Paquette said. "So that one got me, and then also, I believe it was landing on the thumbtacks and then had the alcohol poured over his back. At least it was sterile and clean, but I could imagine the pain. It was really next level, and you could tell that they had something to prove that night. Obviously, with the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch, that whole match was fantastic. The ending could have used a little bit of love, but the whole match was so incredible to watch.

"But yeah, they're very first match together, that was them kind of figuring out their chemistry together in the ring as well and kind of figuring out what they want to do," she continued. "And for a lot of people to not imagine Kenny Omega in that style of match, I think it just added all of these layers to Kenny in that situation [and] Jon Moxley outside of WWE doing the thing that he loves to do. They were not going to leave any stone unturned for that."


She also talked about how Moxley reacted to the lackluster final explosion in that final bout with Omega.

"Jon gives a s— about everything he does," Paquette said. "I mean, he's a wrestler, and he loves what he does very very much, but he also has a very good mindset and a good head on his shoulders of like, 'Well, it is what it is. It's live TV. What are you gonna do? It's on to the next.' To sit and dwell on something or to get mad about something and want to point fingers at people, that's not his game at all.