Renee Young Reacts to Jon Moxley's Violent Unsanctioned Match at AEW Full Gear

Fans in Baltimore's Royal Farms Arena were utterly shocked on Saturday night as Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega faced off in a Lights Out Unsanctioned match at the Full Gear pay-per-view. Throughout 30-plus minute bout the two punished each other with chairs, tables, yards of barbed wire, shards of broken glass parts of the entrance ramp and the wood floor boards under the ring canvas before Moxley finally put his opponent away with his Death Rider finisher. Renee Young, Moxley's wife, was watching the match live and live-tweeted her thoughts throughout the bout. Needless to say, she wasn't happy with how much pain her husband went through.

"Wtf," Young wrote in a series of tweets. "Hi. Yes. Hello. I hate this. Seriously wtf."

She then revealed how she was going to recovery from the insanity she just witnessed.

In a recent interview on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Young revealed what it's like being married to the former WWE Champion.

"As soon as we're both home and have a glass of wine, he has his Jack & Diet Coke and we just talk about wrestling," Young said. "I talk about what my day is like, what his day is like. It's an interesting time for all of wrestling. So I'm sure people would like to be flies on the wall of our room. There are some interesting conversations that have happened, that's for sure.

"When you're married to Jon Moxley, that man likes to talk about wrestling. Sometimes I need to cleanse my pallet like, 'Can we just put on This Is Us and not talk about wrestling for a minute? That would be great.' He's a big This Is Us fan. He is a layered man, he has many layers. There's much behind those crazy eyes."


During the same interview Young talked about her time as a color commentator for Raw. She admitted she "never felt comfortable" with the job, which she held for a full year.

"I never felt comfortable doing that job," Young said. "It was a very stressful year, to be completely honest. You look in that situation, I'm here in WWE and the first female to come into the [backstage] role.... I needed something else to chew on. Michael Cole and Triple H pulled me aside one week and said, 'You're going to do commentary on Raw.' I was like, 'What? Why? Who approved this? Whose was this?' But, like with anything, I was gonna try to figure it out."