Ronda Rousey Threatens to Break Kayfabe After Becky Lynch Insults Her Husband

Based on Ronda Rousey's latest tweets, Becky Lynch might have taken things a step too far with her Twitter insults.

On Thursday "The Man" and the Raw Women's Champion went at it again on social media, this time in the same threat where Lynch originally posted her (storyline) mugshots.

On Wednesday Rousey responded to Lynch by calling the pictures "fake prison photos in a hallway." Lynch responded on Wednesday with a photoshopped image of Rousey as actor Tommy Wiseau, poking fun at her delivery in promos.

"Keep that F word out of your mouth and concentrate on getting better at this business instead of trying to remain above it. Looking forward to seeing you real soon," Lynch wrote.

Rousey fired back with a photo of Lynch using her Disarmer finisher the same night where she invaded the Raw locker room and wound up getting a concussion and broken face.

"F word? You mean 'fake'? Fake like your non sensical BS 'armbar' that doesn't even work and just looks like you're holding the dick you wish you had?" Rousey wrote.

Lynch hopped back on her Photoshop and added in an image of Travis Browne, Rousey's real-life husband, into the image.

"Huh, it *does* look exactly like one now that you mention it," Lynch wrote.

That one seemed to hit a nerve with Rousey.

"Rebecca Quin (Lynch's real name), I don't care what the script says, I'm beating the living s— out of you the next time I see you," Rousey said.

Odds are this is all part of the ongoing feud between the two, but it did get wrestling fans excited on Twitter.


Lynch wound up getting "arrested" after interfering in a tag match involving Rousey, Natalya and the Riott Squad on this week's Monday Night Raw. Rousey, who was furious over being attacked by a suspended Lynch once again, demanded Stephanie McMahon reinstate Lynch into the title match at WrestleMania. McMahon declined, so Rousey left the Raw Women's Championship in the ring and walked out of the building.

On SmackDown Live Charlotte Flair, the third party in the three-headed feud, said she'd be on Raw next week where she expected Vince McMahon to crown her the new Raw Women's Champion.