Fumito Ueda’s Next Game Could Go Back To Shadow Of The Colossus-Like Design


Fumito Ueda and his team at Team Ico have made quite a name for themselves over the years, first with the adventure Ico, then the massive Shadow of the Colossus, and finally with the long-awaited arrival of The Last Guardian late last year. But what’s next?

Although an official project hasn’t been unveiled yet, Ueda did make notes as to what he wants to work on next. During a “fireside” chat with Ubisoft’s David Polfelt at the Nordic Game Conference, he explained that he’s looking to return to an open-world style adventure game – similar to what he worked on beforehand with Colossus.

“I created the more open world of Shadow because Ico was an adventure game set in such a small space – and I spent four years in that closed space. So I wanted to go out into something more open.”

He continued, “I cannot talk about the details (of my next project) but…Shadow came out of the experience with Ico, (going) from a closed world to open world. When I completed Shadow, there was a moment where I wondered if I wanted to go around an open world again, and maybe I should go back to a more closed spade, spending a more intimate time with something in that space. That became the starting point for The Last Guardian.”

He concluded, “Now I’ve completed The Last Guardian and spent so many years in that game, maybe I may go back to the Shadow-type environment.”

That’s not to say we’ll be getting a sequel or anything like that (though we wouldn’t object), but it appears that Ueda has something in mind that will wow gamers. Now the only question is how long we’ll have to wait for it, After all, The Last Guardian took a lot longer to arrive than expected, even though it turned out to be quite surprising.

Maybe we’ll get a hint of what Ueda is up to next month when the Electronic Entertainment Expo rolls around. What Sony has in mind for reveals could be anyone’s guess – but we’ll be happy to see what comes up!