The Developers Of Infamous Have A New Game In The Works – And It’s Playable


We haven’t seen the team at Sucker Punch in quite some time. In 2014, it released the long-awaited follow-up Infamous: Second Son for PlayStation 4, followed by the side story game Infamous: First Light. But since then, the team’s been working on…something. But we’re not quite sure what.

That said, we know that something is in the works. And who’s we learn it from? Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida.

He was recently a guest on Kinda Funny Games, speaking with host Greg Miller about a number of Sony-related topics. At one point, Miller asked about “where are you strategizing to place Sucker Punch’s game” (whether it would appear at E3, which it didn’t, or PlayStation Experience later this year, where it could be).

Yoshida responded that the game is actually quite playable, and has played it “many, many more times” since its initial build back in 2015. He then added, “Every time I play…” but stopped just short of revealing details on what this new game could very well be.

So it does exist. Now it’s just a matter of seeing when the game would be unveiled. Again, PlayStation Experience could be a likely place, since Sony had a lot of games already on its plate for its previous E3 press conference, and there will be a lot of nostalgic fans in attendance who remember Sucker Punch’s work on both the Sly Cooper and Infamous series.

Could we possibly see a new IP from the company? Or maybe it’ll be a follow-up to one of these respective series? There’s always a good possibility that it could go either way, especially considering the reputation of the developer.

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear some official word on what Sucker Punch is up to. For the time being, your guess is as good as ours. But at least it’s playable, which means a 2018 release could be very likely, alongside God of War and Spider-Man, which were already confirmed for next year.

Now then…how about getting a new Sly Cooper? It’s about time he returned, yeah? He’s getting his own TV series, after all.