High-Level Dragon Ball FighterZ Players Give First Impressions Of Game


Dragon Ball FighterZ has been the subject of some immense levels of hype since the game was announced at E3 as Dragon Ball fans are eager to return to their traditional fighting paradise. The game hasn't even hit the shelves yet, but talented, competitive gamers were able to get their hands on the game during Evo 2017, and according to some of these top fighting game players, Dragon Ball FighterZ is sizing up to be a pretty compelling game.

Fans who attended E3 and saw the game's reveal were able to give the game a shot there at the conference, and the same preview build has been brought to Evo. Gamers have been competing in a series of tournaments so they and the game's fans can see what the game looks like being played at higher levels despite Bandai Namco's game still being extremely new in the fighting game circuit.

Speaking to Kotaku amid the Evo competitions, King of Fighters player and commentator Chris “Hellpockets” Fields had only positive things to say about the new Dragon Ball game.

“There’s very little I hate about Dragon Ball FighterZ,” Fields told Kotaku. “It’s bringing communities together that normally don’t have an opportunity to interact. It’s gonna bring people together.”

Fields also posted a brief clip of him duking it out during one of the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments at Evo as the gamer controls Majin Buu to take on Vegeta.

Carl “Perfect Legend” White, a fighting gamer who's won several titles in the past, was also present at the event to voice his thoughts on the new game, specifically on the auto-combo system that's included. White noted that the system was both a great introduction for new players to the genre but wouldn't take away from the technique and skill involved within higher tiers of combat.

“It seems like there’s a healthy amount of pressure and defense,” White told Kotaku. “You gotta have good spacing and movement. I don’t think it will be that easy to dominate another player.”

Others commented on how wide the screen seemed to be when fighting, but said that it was necessary given how many ki blasts and other attacks would be flying across the arenas.

Dragon Ball FighterZ still has a ways to go before its 2018 release, but the impressions so far from high-level competitors look promising.

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