'Marvel Puzzle Quest' Celebrates Its Fourth Anniversary in Style

Four years ago, the team at Demiurge Studios paired up with D3 Go! to bring a unique kind of Marvel experience to mobile devices, and, thus, Marvel Puzzle Quest was born. Now, the game is celebrating its anniversary, and the companies are going all out to treat its fans.

The company has announced that a number of new X-Men characters will be debuting in the game this week, including a 3-star (Modern) and 5-star (Classic) version of Gambit.

His addition, along with the official anniversary events in the game, will kick off starting tomorrow, and will take place through October 15th. During that time, any player that logs in to play will receive a free anniversary token for their efforts, and will also earn double Iso-8 to increase player resources over this time frame.

There’s also discounts available within the game, with Hero Points and Iso-8 being available with a 30 percent bonus.

There will also be a new X-Men event for the anniversary, titled "X-Men vs. The Apocalypse", which will happen over the next couple of weeks. In it, players can tackle a new Boss Event featuring Apocalypse, who will call upon his Four Horsemen to defend him, so you have to work your way around them in order to defeat him.

More details about the Marvel Puzzle Quest event can be found here, showcasing a number of teams that are “built to win”, as well as a rundown of the forthcoming events in the game, including the aforementioned Apocalypse activity, as well as other Story Events and Versus Tournaments. Give it a look!

Finally, D3 Go! will be in attendance at New York Comic Con this weekend, so fans that are hitting up the show can stop by and check out the new content, and maybe even score some bonus swag for their trouble.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is available now for mobile devices, and is free to play!