Mortal Kombat X Beer Announced

Mortal Kombat X Beer

If you're going to have a fighting game tournament nowadays, odds are you'll probably include Mortal Kombat X in your list of options, so it makes sense that you would want to pair that with some Mortal Kombat Beer.

Thanks to Sound Brewery and Global Beverage Traders, you can actually do just that. The companies have announced a new series of beers themed after some of the more iconic characters in Mortal Kombat X.

The first entry is a Scorpion beer, an imperial stout with chilies and vanilla bean. The second is a Sub-Zero Imperial IPA with "a perfect mixture of hops and malt." The final one is a Raiden themed Imperial Saison, which is a "Belgian style ale that gives you an electrifying blast of hops and CO2."

The Mortal Kombat beers are rolling out in a limited release, but they can be shipped in 22oz single serve bottles.

I imagine if the set does well we can expect more character-centric beers to show up in the line. I would love to see what the company could do with characters like Kitana, Johnny Cage, and Bo Rai Cho, though I don't really see myself ever drinking a beer that was designed after characters like Mileena, Reptile, or D'Vorah. Beer is already not my preferred beverage and having it modeled after those guys most likely wouldn't do anything to make it taste better.

You could also top it off with some "FINISH HIM" pizza rolls.....hello? this thing on