This K-Pop Group Nailed Its 'One Piece' Cosplay

If you are a fan of One Piece, then you should know you are in the company of some very talented stars. The franchise is one of the world’s most popular with One Piece on its way to beating Batman in overall comic sales. Eiichiro Oda’s series has amassed millions of fans around the world, and one k-pop group proved they are big fanboys.

Just a few weeks ago, fans of TVXQ were excited to see its members dress up for the holidays. Yunho and Changmin showed off their Halloween outfits to fans on social media, and One Piece fanatics quickly realized the former singer was putting together one solid Zoro cosplay.

As you can see below, the singer put together a casual cosplay that makes him a dead-ringer for the One Piece pirate. Yunho colored his hair green with spray, and the k-pop star also has Zoro’s facial scar drawn over one of his eyes.

TVXQ Yunho as Zoro

When it comes to his costume, Yunho did things simply by finding a white T-shirt, bright green waistband, and black pants to channel Zoro’s look. And, of course, the singer strapped several swords to his waist to make the fighter feel real.

In the past, TVXQ fans earned praise from anime lovers because of their otaku-friendly style. Back in 2015, Changmin dressed up as Ace and even earned approval from the character’s Japanese voice actor. The hallyu star even dressed up as Monkey D. Luffy for the final concert he held prior to doing his military enlistment. Changmin finished serving earlier this year, so fans hope the singer will try and channel Sanji next.

If you are not familiar with One Piece, then you can join the k-pop sensations by joining the show's fandom. The series debuted under Eiichiro Oda more than two decades ago, and it has become one of Japan's most popular franchises ever. The story follows a boy named Monkey D. Luffy as the young pirate seeks to become the King of the Pirate by finding the One Piece. The hero creates a loyal crew he dubs the Straw Hat Pirates, and the team have undergone dozens of harrowing, swashbuckling missions since.