'Dragon Ball Super' Preview Sees An Invisible Threat Challenge Universe 7

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super below!

The Tournament of Power has just seen a major and shocking elimination, and with only 13 minutes left to go, a threatening shift in the competition is about to take place.

As both Universe 2 and Universe 6 were at the edge of being outright eliminated from the Tournament of Power, the final fighters of both universes desperately fought to stay. Unfortunately, both Universe 2 and Universe 6 had all of their competitors eliminated from the Tournament and were subsequently erased from existence. Because of this, it seems Universe 4 is about to kick their tricky plan into action.

The next episode preview unveils that Universe 4's actually has invisible invisible fighters in their roster, and are now trying to stealthily attack Universe 7. They manage to take Universe 7 by such surprise that each of its warriors are struggling to fight back.

Both Android 17 and 18 are pushed back, with Krillin reacting in such a way that Android 18 may just be on the verge of elimination. But they're not the only ones in trouble.

Vegeta is being dragged out of the ring for a moment, while Gohan and Piccolo not only fighting against the invisible enemy but also dark spirits of their past. It is potentially a form of hypnosis that will have Goku and Piccolo hallucinate as a dark version of Universe 6's Botamo is the only one clearly made out.

Along with the preview of these fierce invisible enemies, another mysterious fighter from Universe 4 enters the fray. A tiny blue fighter with three horns is briefly seen casting a hypnotizing beam, which is most likely what leads Piccolo and Gohan into such a hallucinogenic state.

Regardless of the Universe 4 fighter's stature, Universe 4's God of Destruction Quitela seems to be very confident in their ability to hold their own among the Universe 7 fighters.

These invisible new foes, coupled with the most likely drained stamina of Universe will certainly make for an exciting final 13 minutes of the Tournament of Power.

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