'Dragon Ball' Officially Reveals Evil Saiyan's Name

Dragon Ball Heroes is getting major hype thanks to its exciting new "Prison Planet" mission arc, which will also be the basis for the upcoming new Dragon Ball PR anime series. The "Evil Saiyan" villain from the Prison Planet arc has been an immediate standout, and now we can confirm the official name for "Evil Saiyan" to share with fans!

As you can see above, the character's name is said to indeed be "Kanba," as was teased earlier this month:

"Evil Saiyan's name is confirmed to be カンバー/Kanbā, which is likely meant to be from the latter half cucumber. There's no real reason to be using "Kanba" over Cumber."

This fits right in with the Dragon Ball tradition of giving characters food-based names, with Saiyans (at least pure-bloods) getting vegetable names - and the name "Saiyan" itself being a rearranging of the Japanese word "yasai," which means "vegetable." If you've never checked it out, here are some of the other Saiyan names that Kanba will be joining:

  • Vegeta (Bejīta) - The first six letters of "vegetable".
  • Bardock (Bādakku) - A pun on a Japanese root vegetable, a "Burdock".
  • Broly (Burorī) - A pun on "broccoli".
  • Cabba (Kyabe) - A pun on "cabbage".
  • Caulifla - Comes from the vegetable, cauliflower.
    Fasha (Seripa) - In Japanese, formed by rearranging the letters in "parsley".
  • Kale - Named after a type of green of the same name.
  • Kakarot (Kakarotto) - Goku's birth name, an interesting mutation of "carrot".
  • Nappa - A Japanese term for greens in general, especially grape leaves. Also a form of cabbage, keeping with other Saiyans using English words as the source of their names.

In the Prison Planet Arc, Kanba is summoned by main villain "Fu," to help prevent DBS versions of Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks and Mai from obtaining the Dragon Balls that can help them get off the Prison Planet. In the game, Kanba attacks with dark energy ki in the shape of hands - since his own are locked in a straight Jacket - which suggests there's even more to discover about this character.

The first episode of the Dragon Ball Heroes PR Anime is expected to start streaming online beginning July 1st.