Pokemon Promo Teases Gengar's Spooky Comeback

Pokemon fans have a thing for Gengar, but Ash is still missing out on the Ghost Pokemon. Time and again, fans of the series have petitioned for the Kanto hero to catch the Pokemon or even evolve into the creature. Now, it seems like Pokemon is closing in on an opportunity for Ash to catch a Gengar, and a new promo is breaking down how exactly.

As you can see below, the Pokemon promo follows Go and Ash as they travel around a little village. The pair seem to be having fun, but things take a turn when a spirit begins haunting them.

It turns out the spirit is none other than Gengar. The tricky Pokemon has decided to give the pair some trouble, and that goes for the rest of the town. From knocking people down to scaring them outright, Gengar is being a total pest... but fans love it.

Of course, this promo has fans excited as Gengar is one of those Pokemon which Ash never caught. Back in the day, Haunter came close to joining the hero as Ash traveled with the ghost while with Brock and Misty. Now, it seems Gengar is the next Pokemon to pay Ash a visit, and fans are hoping Gengar decides to join his team.


Past synopses for the show have teased how important Gengar will be to the series, and the anime isn't keen on wasting time with characters that won't stick around. If Gengar is going to appear in over two episodes, there is a good chance he will be joining this series for good. And if Go catches Gengar by some miracle - well, you can bet fans will be plenty ticked by the upset.

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