My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Spoils a Certain Character's True Identity

When it comes to My Hero Academia and spoilers, fans will go to great lengths to keep things under wraps. From an obligatory spoiler alert to social media hashtags, the fandom goes to a lot of trouble to keep spoilers out of their domain. But in the anime's latest movie, it was revealed a certain character isn't who they think he is as My Hero Academia seemingly spoiled it for anime-only fans.

So, here we are. We have to do an obligatory spoiler warning as there are details about My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising below:

For those who have seen the movie, you will know what we're talking about whether you read the manga or watch the anime. The introduction of a certain doctor was plenty surprising because no one expected Dr. Garaki to show up. The old man has become a polarizing character in the last year or so, and his appearance on the big screen made anime-only fans do a double take.

After all, the movie confirmed Dr. Garaki works for All For One, and he is the person who experimented on the villain Nine. He gave the man the ability to hold nine quirks, and Dr. Garaki eventually warns the man he will only be able to hold so many. There is no doubt the scientist wanted to create another person with similar powers to All For One, but this quirk limit kept his dream from being realized.


For manga readers, they know all of this info already as Shigaraki learned about Dr. Garaki awhile back. Anime-only fans are not so lucky, though. The anime's current arc has not touched on the issue, so fans walking into the movie were stunned to see the doctor and shocked to find out his identity. The last time they saw the older man was when he told Izuku years ago that he was born quirkless, and anime-only fans are left to pieces together clues of how Dr. Garaki became so important without the manga to guide them.

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