One Piece Hypes Luffy's Gear Forms in Epic Anime Easter Egg

07/16/2023 05:28 pm EDT

One Piece has reached the climax of the second phase in the fight between Luffy and Kaido on the roof of Onigashima's Skull Dome, and the anime snuck in some major hype for Luffy's various Gear forms (past and future) in an epic Easter Egg with the newest episode! One Piece has been steadily working its way through the climax of the Wano Country arc's third act with massive fights across Onigashima being settled through the episodes thus far. But now all is riding on Luffy's shoulders as he somehow needs to defeat Kaido in order to end the fight once and for all. 

One Piece's newest episode saw Luffy on his last legs as he was running out of energy with his Gear Fourth forms, but Kaido seemed to only be getting stronger. Luffy had to push through with whatever he had left in one final attack on Kaido to try and settle the fight once and for all, and the final moments of the episode sees Luffy winding up for a final punch with a very brief, blink and you'll miss it highlight reel of his Gear Second, Gear Third, Gear Fourth, and even the future Gear Fifth forms before it all goes down. Check it out as spotted by @HLONE303 on Twitter: 

One Piece: When Is Gear Fifth Luffy Coming to the Anime? 

Luffy's Gear Fifth form is likely the worst kept secret for One Piece yet as not only is Shueisha using the form as the face of their upcoming One Piece Day hitting later this month, but it's all too clear that the anime has begun counting down the days until this form makes its debut in the anime. It won't be too much longer until Luffy's new form will debut in the anime action as there are only a few chapters of events separating it now, but fans of the anime thankfully can stay free of spoilers in terms of how this new form activates and what it does. 

There has yet to be a release date revealed for when Luffy's Gear Fifth form will actually make its debut in One Piece's episodes, but now's the time to catch up and be ready for this exciting new phase of the anime! You can now find One Piece's episodes streaming with Crunchyroll in both Japanese and English language dubs. 

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