The 2017 Golden Issue Award for Best Anime Fight Scene

2017 is running on its last bit of energy, and we at have decided to look back on the last year of entertainment. Comics, movies, television, anime; so many great things came out this year, and figuring out the best of the best was no easy task.

Anime had a fantastic 2017 with some series producing the best fight scenes in recent memory. Whether these scenes were powered by incredible animation, emotion, hype, or even a mix of the three, anime fans had quite a few incredible bouts to watch over and over again. But there could only be one winner in this tournament of great fight scenes.

And the winner of Best Anime Fight Scene is...


Goku vs. Jiren in Dragon Ball Super!

As mentioned, 2017 was full of incredible fight scenes. Midoriya vs. Todoroki had some impressive animation, Re:Creators' Elimination Chamber was basically a fight scene across several episodes with many moving parts, Titan Eren vs. Armored Titan Reiner had both size and a differentiated grapple style... but only Dragon Ball Super brought an impressively animated scene, the emotion of loss, and the hype of its main character reaching an entirely new level of power.

The Tournament of Power introduced a new enemy that seemed to boast even more destructive power than a god, so when Goku reached his Ultra Instinct state and managed to keep up with Jiren, it set the Internet on fire. The fight leading up to the hour-long special which debuted Goku's new power level had memorable moments as well. Seeing Jiren bat away Goku's Spirit Bomb is a moment shonen fans still talk about as they await the, most likely even more impressive, rematch.

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