20th Century Boys Creator Working on New Anime

Naoki Urasawa is a prolific creator in the world of anime and manga, having created some timeless [...]

Naoki Urasawa is a prolific creator in the world of anime and manga, having created some timeless stories such as 20th Century Boys, Monster, and Pluto to name a few, and it seems as if the mangaka has a brand new anime in the works, as he revealed in a recent interview. If you haven't read any of these works, or seen their respective anime and/or live action adaptations, it is definitely worth checking them out as Urasawa excels at creating though provoking characters and stories that definitely do not play it safe when it comes to its style of story telling.

While Urasawa was "mum" on the details of the new anime, we would imagine that it will continue the trend of crafting a story that is thought provoking and emotional. With 20th Century Boys, the story follows a group of friends who are attempting to decipher the identity of a serial killer that is rooted in their long time friendship. With Monster, Urasawa presented a world in which a surgeon must deal with the implications of saving the life of a man who will do nothing but leave death and destruction in his wake, leaving both the characters in the series and the audience taking in the story wondering just what the right course of action should ultimately be.

20th Century Boys
(Photo: Shogakukan)

In the Weekly Big Comic Spirits installment, Urasawa dropped the news that he was currently working on a new anime series but was tight lipped on the name or premise of the fresh series:

"I'm making an anime. I hope to be able to show it to everyone soon."

20th Century Boys was translated into three live action films in Japan, and eventually received a sequel in the appropriately titled 21st Century Boys, while Monster received an anime series that ran for dozens of episodes. Whether or not this new anime series will have a manga adaptation of its own is anyone's guess, but that isn't stopping our excitement to see what the next thought provoking story from Urasawa will be based on his pedigree!

Are you hyped for the arrival of a brand new story from Naoki Urasawa? What is your favorite story that was written by the prolific creator? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the worlds created by Urasawa!