'A Certain Scientific Accelerator' Anime Announced

It looks like J.C. Staff is going all out with its anime revivals. This week, fans were able to meet A Certain Magical Index after a long stint away, and that isn’t the only thing coming for the franchise.

After all, a new announcement has gone live from the studio, and it looks like a brand-new anime is going the fantastical franchise.

Over the weekend, the first episode of A Certain Magical Index season three went live. Its final moments came up too quick for fans, but they were gifted a surprise during the credits. It was there the show confirmed A Certain Magical Accelerator anime is in the works.

For anyone unaware of this series, it is a spin-off of A Certain Magical Index. The manga was created in December 2013 under writer Kazuma Kamachi, and focuses on the character Accelerator. The character refers to the most powerful esper in Academy City, and fans met the teen some years ago. Though the Accelerator began his run as an antagonist, the boy has become more heroic, and fans are able to explore more of his backstory in A Certain Scientific Accelerator.

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If you need a refresher on the franchise, A Certain Magical Index is set in a world where supernatural abilities are commonplace and follows Toma Kamijo who has the ability to negate the powers of others. However, when Toma meets a mysterious girl, Index, who's on the run from the church, Toma discovers the true dangers of society's super-powered state. The first season of the anime was released in 2008 while a second was released in 2010.

The action fantasy is based on the light novel series published under the Dengeki Bunko imprint between 2004 and 2010. In addition to the two anime TV seasons, the manga inspired a full-length movie in 2013. It also inspired the spin-off, A Certain Scientific Railgun, which inspired an OVA and an anime series.