Act-Age Will Stop Reprinting Manga in Wake of Writer's Arrest

It has been over a week since fans learned the fate of Act-Age. The hit manga was abruptly canceled after its writer was arrested in Japan for acting indecently towards an underage girl. Now, a new report about the title has gone out, and it confirms Act-Age has not only ended but wrapped all distribution efforts point-blank.

Shone Jump put out the official statement earlier today, and it is there fans learned how extensively Act-Age is being scrubbed. It turns out no more volumes of the manga will be released with volume 13 canceled outright. And as the manga's remaining manga sell out, they will not be reprinted for what's being described as an indefinite period.

Outside of the physical manga, Act-Age will also throttle access to its digital offerings. The series is no longer offered electronically through officially licensed retailers. The series has also canceled all fo its upcoming fan-events, and any winners of these events will be given a refund of sorts to reward their patience.

For fans still out of the loop with Act-Age, they will want to know the manga is no longer in publication. That decision was made after writer Tatsuya Matsuki was arrested for acting rather inappropriately to an underage girl after touching her while riding his bike. Police obtained security footage of the offense before learning Tatsuya likely harassed another middle school girl before his second target contacted the authorities.

As you can imagine, fans are devastated by the ordeal, but they agree Act-Age is better off dead in light of its writer's serious crimes. It only took a few days for Shonen Jump to finalize its decision to cancel Act-Age given the nature of Tatsuya's misdeeds. Now, fans are left to wonder how the series might have ended, and they are throwing their support behind Act-Age's artist as the young lady has found herself out of a job rather suddenly.


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