Act-Age Play Gets Cancelled Following Writer's Arrest

A new report has gone live confirming the cancellation of another Act-Age production. It turns out the stage play adapting the hit manga has been shuttered in the aftermath of Tatsuya Matsuki's arrest. The company behind the Act-Age play made the call earlier this morning and apologized to any fans who are disappointed by the decision. This is the latest cancellation to impact Act-Age after Shonen Jump axed the hit manga from its pages for good.

Netizens were let in on the revelation when the Act-Age play tweeted from its official account. It was there fans were told the stage adaptation has been scrapped. Act-Age has since halted all auditions, and that is that for the project.

According to Horipro International, the production company feels deep regret for having to cancel the production, but it has little choice. The crimes that Matsuki was charged over are disturbing, and this live-action adaptation must do right by those victimized by the writer.

For those who are not caught up with the order, Matsuki was arrested this past weekend. Netizens were stunned to learn the writer of Act-Age was in custody for allegedly acting indecently towards a child. The report alleges Matsuki of inappropriately touching a middle school girl after pulling up to her from his bike. The artist was quick to flee the area, but the local security cameras had more to tell about the crime. It seems another underage girl was similarly harassed by a man matching Matsuki's appearance, and the artist said there was "nothing generally incorrect" about the accusations waged against him.


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