Aggretsuko Season 3 Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Aggretsuko has become a hit anime and for very good reason. The short series takes everything fans already know about Sanrio and then shakes it all up. Its color characters often tackle surprisingly deep workplace drama, and you can check out more of those spats today. After all, the third season of Aggretsuko is here, and it is ready to rock!

Today marks the premiere of Aggretsuko season three. The show set its August 27th premiere at Netflix several months back. It was long before a trailer went live this summer for Aggretsuko's comeback. Now, the show is in full swing, and fans are looking forward to the beloved comedy.

Of course, its lessons will hit differently these days. A great many workers worldwide have found themselves working from home in light of the pandemic. While front-line workers brave their jobs outside of the home, there are others who have found ways to work from home. This new dynamic shifts the traditional workplace model and its impact on co-workers. Of course, that interpersonal drama is what Aggretsuko feeds on, so millions will tune into season 3 just to remind themselves what it is like being in an office.

As fans prepare to check out this new season, they can find the first two seasons on Netflix to refresh their take on Aggretsuko. This third season will focus on more of Retsuko's friends (and foes) at work. Her co-workers have become an increasingly large part of the show since season one. And between Haida and Kabae, there is plenty more to explore with Retsuko's friends.


Will you be tuning into this third season? Where does Aggretsuko sit on your list of top Netflix anime? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!