Aggretsuko Season 3 Reveals Netflix Release Date with New Poster

First announced last year, Netflix has revealed the release date for Aggretsuko Season 3 at last! [...]

First announced last year, Netflix has revealed the release date for Aggretsuko Season 3 at last! Confirmed to be in development following the release of the second season last Summer, there had been no information about the third season revealed ever since. It has been a long year for fans waiting for more information, and thankfully now the wait is over as Netflix has confirmed Season 3 of the series is coming our way this August. Not only that, but we got a delightful tease for this new season with a brand new poster!

Netflix has revealed on their official Twitter account that Season 3 of Aggretsuko will be hitting the streaming service on August 27th. Unfortunately, there is no word on how many episodes this new season will run for but it will most likely fall in line with the first two seasons of the series thus far. The 15 minute run time for each episode has definitely made it easier to enjoy with other fans, and now more goodness is on the way!

It's hard to tell what to expect from a wacky series like this, but the first poster for the third season teases much of the wackiness that we have come to love from the first two outings so far. It's been a long wait for more episodes, so cross your fingers that everything works out for the best when it hits on August 27th! You can check out the poster before:

Aggretsuko director, Rareko, spoke about the third season when it was first announced and noted how they felt like there wasn't any more to say with the series but were still excited to get to work on the third season. This makes the series completely open to all kinds of wildness, and that's definitely exciting this Summer! But what do you think?

Are you excited to see Aggretsuko Season 3 coming our way so soon? What did you think of the first two seasons and holiday special already streaming on Netflix? What are you hoping to see from the new episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!