American Dad Showrunner Reveals Plans for Cancelled Movie

It turns out there were once plans in place for an American Dad movie, but the showrunner behind the series explained that these plans were scrapped before they went anywhere! American Dad is currently working its way through its 19th season as an original animated series offered with TBS, and the second half of the episodes will be kicking off later this Fall. While it's hard to predict just what the Smith Family will be getting into with any given episode, but it seems like there was once a much grander plan in place for a feature film version of the franchise. 

Speaking with Digital Spy, American Dad showrunner Matt Weitzman opened up about the future of the franchise and revealed that the team behind the series had at one point considered a full feature film project idea. Explaining that they had scrapped the plans for a potential feature and no longer have any plans "at the moment" to move forward with such a project, but it would have involved more of Roger's home planet as previously seen in the series' episodes. Instead, the team wants to focus on the animated series itself. 

(Photo: TBS)

"We thought about a movie where we go back to Roger's planet but I want to focus on making the season as good as possible," Weitzman explained about the scrapped American Dad movie. In terms of what the series has planned for future episodes, Weitzman teased more of the holiday specials the series has become so well known for. The first is a new Halloween special where "Steve and Roger try to save them all but it goes dark," and a new Christmas episode titled "Into the Jingleverse" in which the series is "...doing a metaverse episode with 3D elements."

While there's not likely going to be an American Dad movie any time soon, there's also a wonder as to how long the series will continue running. With the shifts going on following Warner Bros and Discovery's merger meaning a scrapping of scripted content on TNT and TBS, Weitzman is also prepared for the end noting that "[It] could end at any time. I'm ready for it to end today, if they pull the plug."

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via Digital Spy