Attack On Titan Cosplay Gives Final Season Armin A Fem Transformation

Season Four of Attack On Titan's anime has seen Armin have to make a series of difficult decisions [...]

Season Four of Attack On Titan's anime has seen Armin have to make a series of difficult decisions not just within the battle between the Eldian race and the nation of Marley, but also with his former friend Eren who has apparently decided to forge a path that means terrible things for the future of the world. With Armin now wielding the power of the Colossal Titan and sporting a new look via the assault against Marley, one fan has given the former reserved soldier of the Scout Regiment created by Hajime Isayama a makeover.

When last we saw Armin in the final episode of the first half of Season Four, he had been captured by Eren's Jaegerists, being placed inside of a cell wherein transforming into the Colossal Titan would kill his friends who were placed alongside him. When being informed of Eren and Zeke's Euthanasia Plan by Yelena, Armin broke down into tears, believing that the plan perhaps had merit wherein using the power of the Founding Titan would sterilize the Eldian race, eliminating the power of the Titans from the world without spilling any blood and perhaps making it so that the citizens of the island of Paradis could live out their days without the threat of war and death hanging over their heads.

Instagram Cosplayer Brietlguise shared this impeccable take on Armin from the final season of Attack On Titan, with the Colossal Titan having to use his brain just as much as his newfound brawn in battling against threats both inside and outside of the island of Paradis:

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The last season of the anime series is set to arrive early next year, though a specific release date has yet to be revealed as to when we can expect the adventures of the Survey Corps to return. Recently, Studio MAPPA revealed a new image from the upcoming second half, standing Eren Jaeger in front of a mysterious character that will have major ramifications for the future of the series before the dark epic finally comes to a close. With the manga wrapping earlier this year, fans are waiting to see how the final chapters will be adapted for the anime.

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