'Attack on Titan' Brutally Kills Off [SPOILER]

Attack on Titan promised to welcome 2018 with a bang, and the series definitely delivered. Not long ago, the manga's latest chapter went live in Japan, and the momentous update left plenty of dead bodies in its wake.

So, yes - some of your favorite Marleyans did just bite the dust.

When Attack on Titan kicked off its 101st chapter, fans watched as Willy Tybur's death was made official. Fans had assumed the family head was dead after Eren ripped the man in half during his Titan shift, but it was made very clear when Eren ate Willy full-on.

After snacking on the elder, Eren went forward with his Grim Reminder as he laid waste to the Marleyean gathering. A slew of nameless citizens died under Eren's relentless assault, but fans were most upset about the deaths of two familiar kids.

During Eren's tirade, Zofia was killed as the girl was crushed by falling debris. The sudden death shocked Gabi and Udo as the two children watched their fellow child cadet die. Zofia was one of the candidates working to inherit the Armored Titan's power, but her death quickly snuffed out those dream.

As for Udo, the boy was killed shortly after Zofia passed since he tried to wake her up. The two children were not very close, but Udo stayed behind to prod Zofia while Gabi was pulled away by the group's minder. The latter watched as a stampede of people ran over Udo as if he were Mufasa, and one wayward kick to the head seemed to snap the boy's neck. Later in the issue, Gabi found her mentor carrying Udo's lifeless body which had a massive split in its skull, and the girl took a moment to grieve her lost comrades.

In this latest Grim Reminder, none of the Eldians of Paradis were killed, but those left in Marley were reminded of the Titans' power. The manga's new chapter ended with the Survey Corps making its presence known to Marley as a new round of Titans prepared to take on Eren, and fans are sure even more death is awaiting those soldiers next year.


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