New 'Attack on Titan' Meme Is Scary Addictive

Attack on Titan is filled with lots of things which can give you nightmares. If all its titans were not enough to scare you, soldiers like Levi are intense enough to make anyone flinch. However, it looks like one fan has found the series’ peak nightmare fuel.

Honestly, the anime’s latest meme may make it hard for some of you to sleep.

Over on Reddit, a fan by the username /S0ulMadness went the extra yard to make a scary yet infectious meme. The netizen mashed up Attack on Titan with the viral site Nod To The Rhythm. And - well - this is the result.

As you can see, the fan pulled a sketch from Attack on Titan to make the abominable meme. The reel simply shows a titan up-close as he nods his huge head to a meme-worthy beat, and fans admit the clip is very hard to look away from. It is as hilarious as it is disconcerting, and other fans have gone on to make their own Attack on Titan pieces on the site since.

If you are not familiar with Nod To The Rhythm, the site’s name says it all. The page was created by Das Anders, a music maker and programmer. He made the web app to show as a fun joke to celebrate those “who prefer a stationary method of dancing.”

The website is a simple one; All you need is a photo and a WiFi connection to use it. Users just need to upload a photo of someone to the page, and it will animate the image to make it look like those in it are nodding their heads. Oh, and the site also makes its victims sing along to its funny little bop. There’s also that.

For those unfamiliar with Attack on Titan, the series was originally created by Hajime Isayama. Starting its run in Kondansha's Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in 2009, the series has been collected into 23 volumes as of 2017. It's set in a world where the last remnants of humanity live within a walled city in order to escape the danger of the Titans, a race of giants monsters that eats humans. Eren Yeager joins the military with his two childhood friends Mikasa and Armin after the Titans break through the wall and attack his hometown.


The series was adapted into an anime from Wit Studio and Production I.G. with a third season premiering later this year. 68 million copies of the manga have been sold as of 2017, and has been met with major critical and commercial success worldwide.

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