'Attack on Titan' Sends Mikasa For Her Biggest Loop Yet

The latest episode of Attack on Titan finally shows Mikasa grappling with the revelations about [...]

The latest episode of Attack on Titan finally shows Mikasa grappling with the revelations about the people she shares her surname with.

Mikasa Ackermann is one of of the most singular characters in the world of Attack on Titan. However, as she discovered in this week's episode, Trust, she is not alone in bearing that last name. As fans learned a few weeks ago, Captain Levi is also named Ackermann, as is the serial killer Kenny the Ripper.

The moment is subtle, as it takes place while Levi is interrogating the military police leader captured at their camp. After Levi breaks a few of his bones, The man cries out that he does not know where Eren and Historia are.

"I don't know! I'm not allowed to know! Kenny Ackermann is a very cautious man!"

Levi does not miss the connection, though he also does not seem to care about it much.

"Ackermann? I know Kenny, is that his last name? True, there's a lot of things he doesn't divulge... Especially the important stuff."

Still, as Levi under-reacts to this news, Mikasa can be seen just behind him, having a completely different response. After looking up and shock and perhaps horror, she glances back down at the ground, trying to digest the information.

As we previously reported, Attack on Titan revealed the abundance of Ackermanns in the cast two episodes ago. However, the details have only gotten more confusing, as Levi seemed not to know that Kenny was a part of the clan. In an old flashback, we saw how the gunman adopted Levi off of the streets, which made many assume that he took on Kenny's surname knowingly. The fact that the two both happened to have it separately throws a wrench into that idea.

Meanwhile, Mikasa's origin story was told quite some time ago in her own episode. She is linked to the Ackermann clan through her mother, while her father was an outsider. As a child, kidnappers tried to take her and her mother prisoner -- in part because they are some of the few Asian-descended people left in this fictional world.

The connection between Mikasa, Levi and Kenny may raise more questions than it answers. One thing is for certain -- the unlikely family is one that not many people would like to have Thanksgiving dinner with.

Attack on Titan is hurtling through its third season at the moment. The series follows a group of soldiers in a medieval-style fantasy world, where humanity lives behind giant walls to escape a race of bloodthirsty giants called Titans.

Season 3 is airing right now. New episodes simulcast in Japanese with English subtitles on Hulu and Crunchyroll. They are available every Monday at 2 p.m. ET in the U.S.