New 'Attack on Titan' Theory Could Change Everything

Warning! Spoilers for Attack on Titan lie below!

The world of Attack on Titan is a - well - titan eat titan one. Hajime Isayama has stressed the voracious nature of titans, and fans have learned more about the franchise’s inherited titans as of late. Now, one theory out there thinks Mikasa has more in common with the War Hammer Titan than you may think.

Over on Reddit, a new fan theory popped up that has got the fandom buzzing. The conversation can be found here, but you should know the theory makes a bold claim about Mikasa and Levi before you dive in. After all, it does suggest the surviving Ackermans have a special dial-in to the War Hammer Titan.

If you are a reader of Attack on Titan, then you will know the special titan is said to belong with the Tybur family. The elite group is thought to pass the titan down from generation to generation, but theories have grown as of late suggesting the inheritance is just a sham. If the Tybur family is just holding the illusion of power, fans are left to wonder who really has the titan power, and it could be the Ackermans.

While most of the Ackerman was killed for so-called treason, Levi and Mikasa did survive the purge. The manga has also said before that the Ackerman clan gained a special power thanks to the “byproducts of Titan science” but little was thought about that history until recently. The Tybur family’s control of the War Hammer Titan was just questioned big-time following Willy’s death, and this new theory say the titan was actually dispersed through the Ackerman clan.

To inherit a special titan, one must be injected with a Titan Serum containing its spinal fluid. Titan science could have allowed the Ackerman clan to divide up the power of the War Hammer Titan, diluting its strength as it was spread amongst the clan. Mikasa and Levi would be the only two borrowing that power now, and the theory points out several instances which may allude to their mini-titan status.

Much like Titan Shifters, Mikasa was seen crackling with electricity when he awakened power was triggered as a child. The emotional moment acted as a trigger, and the other Titan Shifters must undergo such a catalyst to unlock their forms. Of course, both Levi and Mikasa have superb control over their bodies like the shifters, and their ability to ignore the Coordinate’s will makes them more powerful than a simple mindless titan.

Some fans are willing to believe the War Hammer Titan was spread throughout the Ackerman clan to give it power, but others think the science used on the family picked up another titan. There is no question that the Ackerman clan as a shady past involving the race, but Isayama has yet to give a clear answer on how Levi or Mikasa are effected by their heritage. But, if the two really did inherit the War Hammer Titan, then Marley better square up.


After all, the weapon-wielding titan is not one you’d want to face in battle.

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