Avatar The Last Airbender Creators Discuss Korra's Post-Series Legacy

The creators of Avatar The Last Airbender, Bryan Kinietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, recently made the news thanks to the reveal that they were leaving the upcoming live action adaptation from Netflix due to creative differences, but in a recent interview, they were able to break down the creation of the Legend of Korra and the legacy it left. The sequel series followed the titular Korra, the reincarnation of the Avatar that immediately followed Aang, as she attempted to find her way in a world where bending had grown that much more common and the problems that arose because of it.

The Legend of Korra might not be as celebrated as the original series of Avatar The Last Airbender, but it's clear from the recent arrival of the sequel onto Netflix that there is still a big audience of fans that are thinking about the story to this day. Korra herself was a very different character from Aang, not just thanks to being older than the protagonist of the first season, but because of the world that surrounds her and her personality reacting to it. Rather than presenting one ominous threat like the Fire Nation, Korra had to struggle with various threats as well as come to grips with her own strength and character through the four seasons.

Legend of Korra Legacy
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In an interview with Polygon, DiMartino noted that Korra's character dealing with an onslaught of trauma throughout her adventures still had fans sending him messages regarding how the series has helped audiences throughout the years and how viewers have come to relate to the Avatar of the sequel series:

"It’s been humbling to have people send messages or tell us in person how much that storyline resonated with them. When we discussed Korra’s season 4 story arc, we talked about her starting out in such a dark place that she didn’t even want to be the Avatar anymore (to contrast her attitude in season 1). I remember reading about PTSD and people who had experienced traumatic events and what that recovery was like. When I wrote “Korra Alone,” I used what I felt and my life’s experiences to image what Korra might be feeling and going through in her situation."

While Legend of Korra might not hit the same heights as Airbender, it's clear that the legacy of the sequel lives on.


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