Legend of Korra Cosplay Honors Earth Bending Officer Lin Beifong

The Legend of Korra hit the streaming service of Netflix following the arrival of its predecessor in Avatar The Last Airbender and fans are taking the opportunity to share some of their amazing cosplays via social media, and one fan specifically has put together a brilliant rendition of the earth bender known as Lin Beifong. With Beifong being a stalwart supporting cast member of the sequel series, she might not have attained the same level of popularity as Mako and Asami, but she definitely was one of the most important characters on Korra's quest as the Avatar.

Lin Beifong was the "top cop" in Republic City, attempting to bring order to her town as it was beguiled by the terrorist forces of Amon and his followers that were looking to eliminate bending from the world at large. Following the end of the first season and the defeat of Amon, Lin Beifong's role continued to change with each passing season. The earth benders in the Legend of Korra were able to learn a lot from the tricks and techniques that Toph had learned during the first series, managing to not only manipulate the earth under their feet, but allow them to use metal strands as if they were Marvel's Spider-Man to traverse the city or "web up" a law breaker.

Instagram Cosplayer FinalSugahCake shared this amazing Cosplay that returns to the world of the Legend of Korra, showing off one of the strongest earth benders in the world that was attempting to keep the peace within the borders of Republic City:

Though there have been no announcements regarding a return to the world of the Legend of Korra, whether it be animated or live action, based on the popularity of the series following its arrival on Netflix, we're crossing our fingers that we haven't seen the last of this Avatar.

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