Avatar: The Last Airbender's First Animated Movie Will Bring Back Aang

Avatar The Last Airbender has remained extremely popular, despite the fact that it has been years since either the original series, or its sequel Legend of Korra, ran on Nickelodeon. With Avatar Studios being created to revisit the animated world of benders, Nickelodeon has confirmed that the first new movie from the studio will bring back Aang and his friends from the first series. Though story details are still few and far between at this point, the news that the original Avatar will be making a comeback is quite the headline.  

Nickelodeon has confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that the first Avatar The Last Airbender movie from Paramount's Avatar Studios will focus on the original heroes of the first season, including the likes of Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph. While there have been rumors regarding the story of this, and the other movies that are set to arrive from the studio, this is the first official confirmation that the protagonists that started it all will finally return to the world of animation on the big screen with Nickelodeon confirming so via their Official Twitter Account:

Varney said this in the new video: "Hello Avatar: Braving the Elements podcast friends and Avatar-verse lovers! It's me, Janet, and I am so sad not to be at San Diego Comic-Con with Dante and with all of you. I've just been doing a little reading while I recuperate, and it reminded me that we actually have some exclusive Avatar Studios news for you all! Now, there have been a lot of rumors floating around, a lot of speculation, and a lot of excitement – I feel it too. But we figured it was time to set the record straight. The first feature-length movie from Avatar Studios will be focusing on Avatar Aang and his friends, and I for one cannot wait!"  

This will be the first of three new movies set to arrive from Nickelodeon that will take us back to the world of bending, with Lauren Montgomery set to return as director, following her previous involvement with the original series. While the stories of the additional two films have yet to be revealed, we wouldn't be surprised if at least one focused on the heroes of Legend of Korra, to tie up any loose ends from the sequel series. 

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