Avatar: The Last Airbender Gets Impressive Musical Makeover from One Talented Fan

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the most beloved animated series for a reason. Its mature themes and thought-provoking arcs turned the Nickelodeon show into a piece of television history for many fans. Whether they are young or old, the fandom behind Avatar is quick to show their love for the series, and one fan on TikTok is doing that now by making a musical for the show.

The user @katherine.lynnrose has amassed a hefty fanbase on TikTok for her singing voice, and she is taking it another step further. The singer has taken it upon herself to write songs for an Avatar musical. You can peek one of the songs below, and you will see why social media users are hoping Lynn-Rose can turn her musical into a reality.

One of her most viral songs is from Azula's point of view, and it is pretty much perfect. The song covers the period of time when Azula and her gang were preparing to disguise themselves for a siege without the Fire Lord's knowledge. Of course, Azula felt such a mission would endear her to her father, but her friends were not so sure about supporting the princess anymore.

When you listen to this musical number, you can imagine how it would look on stage, and that has fans feeling a certain kind of hopeful. The only live-action take on Avatar is better left unmentioned given its horrific reception. Netflix is currently working on a TV show adaptation of the title, but a musical could just as well adapt the fantastical series. And if Lynn-Rose goes to show anything, it is that the power of fan-works should never be underestimated. Her talent for singing and songwriting is undeniable, so we hope to see her on a Broadway stage someday... you know after the ongoing pandemic lessens a fair bit.

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