Berserk Cosplay Channels Guts and Glory

Guts has had a tough life. In the story of Berserk, medieval battles and demons clash as the one man army of Guts attempts to get revenge on his once best friend, Griffith. While there have been two anime series covering the franchise, the most recent one was received with some mixed reactions to say the least. The manga, which has been running since 1989, shows no signs of stopping and fans are reacting in kind. One cosplayer has brought the one eyed "Black Swordsman" to life with his amazing interpretation of the character.

Reddit User Pure-Material posted this amazing cosplay that brings the troubled warrior to the real world:

Guts Cosplay Berserk from r/Berserk

Berserk is a personal favorite of ours, blending together gruesome breathtaking imagery with a heart-wrenching story filled with three dimensional characters. Guts begins the story looking for something in life, acting as a medieval mercenary earning money from whatever war effort will have him. When he's presented with the option of joining the "Band of the Hawk" from its leader Griffith, he stubbornly agrees but manages to find a family in doing so.

(Photo: Viz Media)

Unfortunately for Guts, things go really wrong in his life. Much like Game of Thrones, supernatural elements are introduced sparingly at first, only to completely engulf the series as time went on. The "Eclipse" is easily one of the most disturbing arcs in an anime but it hammers home the nihilistic approach that Kentaro Miura was looking for with his story.

With over 350 chapters of the series continuing in the manga, fans are following anxiously to see if an ending will ever come about for the story itself. The most recent anime was given two seasons, portraying events in Gut's life "post-Eclipse" and covering material from the manga that hadn't been explored in animation. While these seasons received mixed reviews, fan excitement is still abounds with the possibility of a Netflix series being presented from Castlevania producer, Adi Shankar.


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Berserk was originally created by Kentaro Miura for Monthly Animal House magazine (now Young Animal) in 1989. The series follows Guts, an immensely strong warrior who is known for his massive sword. Guts lives his days fighting in a demon-infested medieval world where corrupt nobles rule. The hero is plagued by demon assailants thanks to a curse he had branded on him, and Guts continues to fight in order to keep a vow. The man promised to slay a former friend of his who became a demon and ripped away Guts' former life.