Black Clover Director Says Its New Arc Is About to Pop Off

Black Clover has done what so many felt it could not following its debut years ago. The show has become one of the most popular shonen titles in Japan thanks to characters like Asta and Yuno. These days, the pair are busy embarking on a new arc that the anime team is helming all by itself. And thanks to an update, fans know the original arc is about to pop off in a big way.

The update came from a rather reliable source as director Tatsuya Yoshihara gave the world himself. He took to Twitter to thank all of his followers for getting him to a new milestone. It was there Yoshihara drew a quick sketch of Asta and dropped a little note about the anime's new arc.

"Thank you for getting me to 30,000 followers! Black Clover's original anime arc will be more exciting from here on out. Please look forward to training from the leaders and Spirit Guards," Yoshihara said.

Of course, this note got fans hyped because a lot of questions are swirling about this anime-only arc. Netizens were told Black Clover would explore an original arc earlier this year, and it came as little surprise. The anime has been slowly encroaching on the Black Clover manga, so the series needs a temporary buffer. While the manga gets further ahead, the anime will spend time on this training arc which its series creator helped shaped.


As you can see, Yoshihara is confident in the arc, and the director has not led fans astray so far. His work on the series has been praised since day one, and Yoshihara has brought excellent talent to the Black Clover staff. If anyone is going to be able to spin a success anime-only arc, it would be the director. So for now, fans will want to keep a close eye on the anime as its new story unfolds.

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