Black Clover Promises to Share 'Big' News at Jump Festa

Black Clover is one of the more magical series going on at Shonen Jump, and it has come a long way [...]

Black Clover is one of the more magical series going on at Shonen Jump, and it has come a long way from where it began. Asta and Yuno are two of the magazine's most recognizable characters thanks to the series. Of course, as the year's end draws near, fans expect to get updates on how their favorite series will do the coming year. And don't worry - Black Clover will do just that this December.

Despite the pandemic, Jump Festa will still take place this winter, and it promises to go over the magazine's plans for 2021. Series like Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, and more will be featured at the event. Black Clover will be roped in as well, and a teaser (via Reddit) confirmed the franchise's plans for the event.


While we do not know the exact announcements on the horizon, Black Clover promised to share "big news" with fans at the event. Jump Festa is known for dropping major news whether it be new arcs, side series, or even movies. All of those are on the table for Black Clover, but fans have two theories about what's to come.

The first involves the anime as Black Clover is killing it there. The show will be approaching a new arc near Jump Festa, so fans are wondering if they will get a tease about the Spade arc. After all, the storyline is up next for Asta, and it is one that manga readers have been waiting for.

As for the second pitch, the theory switches from the TV show to video games. Black Clover has a slew of mobile games out, and one of them will close its servers in December. This could mean a new game is on the way, so netizens will want to keep up with Jump Festa as it comes to light this winter.

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