Black Clover Is Reportedly Looking for a Summer Return Date

The last two months have been wild ones for the anime fandom, but a new report suggests normalcy is coming for fans of Black Clover. The hit series is one of many which shut down production due to the COVID-19 outbreak. No new episodes of the anime have been released in the weeks since, but Japan's new safety restrictions have made it possible for work to resume on shows. Now, a report says Black Clover is eyeing a return date for this summer, but it is still a few weeks out from now.

The whole thing began when a user posted on Twitter to share their news. It was there the user Spytrue said Black Clover was slated to make a comeback in early July. In fact, it seems like July 7 would be the date.

This report has not been confirmed by Black Clovers team or studio. The group has been rather quiet when it comes to the COVID-19 outbreak and its ensuing dismantling of the anime sphere. Dozens of shows were canceled earlier this year due to the social gathering restrictions put on the public.

Now, it seems like things are going smoothly enough to justify a July comeback if this rumor is correct. Spytrue is renowned for their ability to leak accurate details about a show prior to its return, so there is little doubt about the release. Now, the only question fans have is one regarding the show's arc. The anime is slated to begin a new storyline which the Black Clover manga overlooked. This training will be something of meditation for warriors, so here's to all of us hoping Asta has stayed in shape during his extended time off.

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