Black Clover Creator Mourns Loved One in New Note to Fans

Black Clover has become one of the most popular series under Shonen Jump despite some fierce competition. Its magical premise got fans hooked from day one, but its anime adaptation took some time to find its footing with fans. These days, creator Yuki Tabata is thriving as readers and watchers of Black Clover are loving the story... but not all is well with the artist. According to his most recent note to fans, Tabata has been facing personal issues with the latest involving a loved one's death.

The message was sent to fans this week when the newest issue of Shonen Jump went live. It was there Tabata left an author's note for fans as usual, but this message was far more personal than most. It confirmed Tabata's father-in-law passed away as he remembered the loved man.

"This is personal, but my father-in-law passed away. I was so grateful for his support for Black Clover over the years," Tabata wrote.

In the past few months, fans have noticed that Tabata has seemed to be struggling more so than usual. The artist has been more forward in his author notes with everyone as he talks about his stresses. It wasn't long ago that Tabata said he was often "passing out" for no reason though he suspect low blood pressure to be the cause. Shortly after that, Tabata left a note apologizing for the short length of a new Black Clover chapter, so fans are rallying for the artist to take a vacation.


In uncertain times like this, there is nothing as important as self-care, and Tabata more than deserves to take care of himself. After welcoming a child with his wife and facing the death of a loved ones, Tabata needs all of the rest, so here's to hoping he gets all the TLC he wants.

Our thoughts are with Tabata and his family during this difficult time. Hopefully, the artist can heal in his own time amidst the difficult circumstances going on these days.