Bleach Scrubs Down with Special Coronavirus PSA

When it comes to Rukia Kuchiki, the fierce Soul Reaper doesn't dally when it comes to seeing out orders. She may have a rebellious streak where Ichigo Kurosaki is concerned but she is rather straightforward in all other ways. That is why Bleach animator Masashi Kudo revived the heroine for a PSA which has debuted in light of the novel coronavirus' global rise.

The artwork showed up over on Twitter when Kudo posted his lil' sketch. The artist, who did most of the character designs on Bleach, decided to pick Rukia's brain for a PSA which reminds everyone to wash their hands.

The black-and-white piece shows a cartoony version of Rukia with a focused look on her face. The chibi sketch shows the Soul Reaper washing her hands very thoroughly as suds cover her palms. The focus which Rukia has in this sketch is like that she channels when fighting Hollows, so you know the heroine is taking the order to wash her hands very seriously.

Of course, these rules come from high above, and even her brother Byakuya would follow them. The World Health Organization has been stressing the need to wash hands for weeks if not months now. The recommendations is a blanket one to avoid getting sick, but the rise of the novel coronavirus has turned the request into a demand. Clearly, Rukia is determined to stop the spread of the virus in this handy PSA, and fans of Bleach should be right there with her!

This notice is also timely thanks to the recent update fans got about Bleach. Last month, an official announcement confirmed the franchise is returning to the small screen. Bleach will be revived for a final season which will adapt the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, so fans can look forward to the show's comeback in 2021.


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