Boruto Unleashes a New Eye Jutsu

Bortuo: Naruto Next Generations' manga continues to blow its anime counterpart out of the water. [...]

Bortuo: Naruto Next Generations' manga continues to blow its anime counterpart out of the water. The Boruto manga's "Kara Arc" has been nothing short of explosive, introducing crucial new characters (Kawaki, Jigen); new threats (cyber-enhanced shinobi); and the bombshell reveal that the Otsutsuki Clan is back (Isshiki Otsutsuki), alongside deep new revelations about the Otsutsuki's true origin and powers. If all of that wasn't enough, Boruto also just brought back Jiraiya, with the game-changing reveal that Kara's Koji Kashin is actually Jiraiya's clone! However, that epic Naruto saga reunion may not last long, as Koji faces Isshiki Otsutsuki's fearsome new powers - including a new eye Jutsu!

Warning Boruto manga Chapter 47 SPOILERS Follow!

In Boruto chapter 47 Koji Kashin and his Kara group teammate continue their defection plot. Amado has escaped to Konohagakure to inform Naruto, Sasuke and co. about Kara's true nature and connection to the Otsutsuki; Koji Kashin stayed at Kara headquarters to ambush Jigen in a battle to the death, to force one pivotal outcome: the emergence of Isshiki Otsutsuki's true form.

Koji manages to destroy Jigen's body and jumpstart the Otsutsuki resurrection process. This helps Amado finally identify the one true fatal weakness of the Otsutsuki: when a "vessel" body is used for resurrecting an Otsutsuki (like Jigen's body), all other "vessels" are freed from Otsutsuki presence. There are essentially no new resurrections possible until new hosts are marked with Karma seals as "vessels." So if Isshiki Otsutsuki can be killed now, it will be a true death for him.

That's easier said than done, though. Issihiki Otsutsuki's unique justsu, Sukunahikona, is one of the most deadly we've seen. The power lets Isshiki shrink any non-living thing to miniature level and restore it to full size. Combined with his martial arts technique, Isshiki can hit opponents with something the size of a toothpick, and re-size it into a deadly spike, in a second. Like every Otsutsuki Clan member Isshiki has a Byakugan over his right eye - one with a pattern we haven't ever seen before.

Boruto Manga 47 Isshiki Otsutsuki Powers Jutsu Byakugan
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

There's something in Koji Kashin's battle with Isshiki, which suggests that the villain's Byakugan is linked to his Sukunahikona power. As Koji obeserves, Isshiki in his full form is able to shrink down objects just by looking at them, suggesting his eye is more than just ornament - and that we may not have yet seen the full scope of its powers.

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