Naruto Reveals Why Boruto Was Given the Karma Seal

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga has made some big revelations in the last few chapters, and chapter 44 was no exception. Boruto and his Team 7 comrades managed to warp to a different dimension and rescue Naruto from prison, defeating a powerful member of new enemy Kara in the process. However, that victory came at big cost, as Boruto's friends witnesses the young shinobi reveal a horrific transformation and massive powers beyond his scope. A lot of fans instantly seemed to recognize what the implication of Boruto's new transformation, but the latest chapter of the manga makes it official: We now know why Boruto was given his Karma seal.

Warning Boruto Chapter 44 SPOILERS Follow!

As many Naruto fans surmised, the Krama seal isn't just some mark that grants someone the ability to absorb chakra - it's actually a pathway of resurrection for members of the Otsutsuki Clan. In Boruto's case, his Karma seal marks him as the chosen vessel of Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who Boruto destroyed in one of the manga's earliest arcs. The confirmation comes in a nice little scene, where Mitsuki gets into a serious talk with Sasuke, where he shares how Kara enforcer Boro named Boruto as Momoshiki's vessel.

Along with this reveal, we now also have firm confirmation that Kawaki (Kara's former hostage who is quickly becoming the Sasuke to Boruto's Naruto) was chosen to be the vessel of new villain Isshiki Outsutsuki. Isshiki was Shippuden big bad Kaguya Otsutsuki's partner, and is currently hiding inside of Kara's leader, Jigen, until he can inhabit Kawaki.

The truth about Karma makes one wonder, however: were the versions of the Otsutsuki that Naruto, Sasuke, and other shinobi heroes defeated really destroyed? Granted, Naruto and Sasuke didn't get left with any Karma seals - but coudl the Otsutsuki have other "vessels" already marked? And with Momoshiki now able to take over Boruto's body at will, what's the villain waiting for?


For now it seems that Momoshiki wants a fully-grown and powerful version of Boruto to serve as his vessel - and to a being like Momoshiki, the wait time on that is probably negligible. This also turns the entire Boruto flash-forward opening scene on its head. Until now, it seemed the sequence was of Teenage Boruto battling a teenage Kawaki, on the Hokage monuments of Hidden Leaf village; now, you have to wonder if that battle isn't between two Otsutsuki, or one shinobi (Boruto or Kawaki) fighting his friend, who is possessed by either Isshiki or Momoshiki. If nothing else, it's a turn that now adds more intrigue and darkness to Boruto's storyline, in a way that the anime could sorely use.

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