Naruto Just Omitted an Important Confession in Boruto's New Episode

Boruto Uzumaki has a lot of things to worry about these days, and it isn't likely that dating is chief amongst them. As a fresh genin, the hero has a lot to prove to the world, but that hasn't stopped fans from shipping him with his teammate Sarada. And thanks to a recent omission in the anime, fans are scrutinizing the ship harder than ever before.

The moment came in the most recent episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It was there fans watched as Team 7 explored the science labs where Katasuke works. The gang also reunited with Sumire during the trip as she works with the professor nowadays. However, it seems Sumire failed to speak with Sarada before Team 7 headed on a mission to check with Konohamaru.

The scene in question is infamous with manga readers. It shows Sarada and Sumire chatting side by side while the latter admits she likes Boruto. The moment takes Sarada by surprise, and Sumire casually asks whether or not the Uchiha heiress likes Boruto. Sarada says she doesn't feel that way, but Sumire hums in disbelief before the pair part ways.

The anime completely skipped over this moment from the manga. Sarada and Sumire have a quick goodbye before Team 7 heads out. Now, fans are left wondering why this romance roundabout was left out of the anime.

The most prevalent theory has to do with ship wars and the anime's hesitancy to feed them. Sarada x Boruto is a very popular ship within the fandom, but there are those who envision with boy with someone else. This conversation could stir that pot to a boil if handled carelessly, so the writers may have decided to forego the whole thing. Other fans believe the anime omitted the conversation because Sumire's personality in the show is far different from that in the manga. Her baited tease for Sarada doesn't suit Sumire in this medium like it did on print. But in the future, that could change. Sumire may have a crush on Boruto yet, but Sarada has plenty of times to collect her feelings before things come to a head.


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