Naruto Kills Off Its First Major Character of Boruto's Kara Arc

Naruto Uzumaki knows the pain of losing a close mentor, but Boruto has been able to avoid such a loss for the most part. While the boy has endured his own hardships, death has been mercifully far from him in his life. Of course, fans knew that wouldn't last forever because no ninja is ever that lucky. And now, it seems like a major death has hit Boruto hard this week.

So you have been warned! There are big spiders below for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations! You should turn around if you aren't caught up with the anime!

For fans who checked up on the new episode of Boruto this week, they know what kind of loss its hero is facing. The boy witnessed the death of Mugino today as the man tried to take down Ao. The Hidden Mist ninja made his traitor status known after he appeared before Team 7 in combat. As a member of Kara, Ao was set on killing the group to keep the organization safe, but Mugino would not allow it. The man sacrificed his life to keep Ao trapped in a deadly rock slide, and Boruto was stunned by it all.

The moment, which can be seen above, shows Mugino holding Ao from behind to prevent him from running. It isn't long before Ao runs the Hidden Leaf ninja through with a dual-ended chakra sword. The move would have made Darth Maul absurdly proud, and it spelled the end for Mugino. The episode closed with the hero dead in a cave-in, but the word is out on whether or not Ao survived the collapse. Boruto must now come to terms with his friend's death, and fans know this loss will only push the hero forward in his bid to be as powerful as Sasuke.

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