Boruto Synopsis Teases One Death's Emotional Fallout

When it comes to the Hidden Leaf village, life and death are all part of a cycle. There cannot be one without the other, and every ninja is made aware of this from a young age. Of course, Naruto and Boruto Uzumaki know the lesson as they have had to bid farewell to comrades. And thanks to a new synopsis, it seems one death is coming back to haunt the younger ninja next week.

The update comes from the recently released synopsis of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 173. The summary was released earlier today, and it has been turned into English by translators. Fans learned how the death of a researcher is about to come back in a difficult way.

Boruto New Rasengan
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

"At the same time, Boruto and Sarada - who have completed their training - visit Mia, the client of their previous mission, and deliver Anato's ring to her... Mia is shocked to hear that Anato has died," the synopsis reads in part. (via Nite_Baron)

As you can guess, Mia is not going to take the news of this death lightly. The woman married Anato some time ago, and she had not idea how dangerous his job at Victor's medical lab would be. The place led to his death, and Boruto must look that grief in the eye next week.


For those who may not remember, Anato was the poor researcher who was injected with Hashirama cells. The biological agent turned him into a monster, and he even killed his own team after being cornered. Team 7 was sent to check on Anato by Mia, but the mission ended in Anato's death with Victor order his experimented to be put down. So if Mia wants in on revenge, she will have to go after Kara to see it through.

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