Boruto Promo Teases Ibiki's Comeback and Another New Rasengan

Boruto Uzumaki has been in a bad place ever since he lost to Deepa, but he isn't about to give up the fight. The boy has been training hard these days to grow stronger under Kakashi's tutelage, and it seems some more challenges are coming his way. After all, the next episode of Boruto is bringing back a scary ninja, and Ibiki Morino may be ready to wreck our hero's day.

Recently, a promo went live for Boruto episode 170. The update checked in on our Uzumaki hero as he continues to train his Rasengan into something even better. It wasn't long ago he created his own sort of Wind Rasengan, but that was not good enough for the boy. Episode 170 is titled "A New Rasengan" in honor of a coming technique, but that is not all. The promo ends with a cliffhanger, and it promises the return of Ibiki.

You can watch the video here as Boruto starts things out with Shikadai. The latter wants to make sure Boruto isn't about to chase after Deepa again, and the Uzumaki claims he isn't He is just trying to train as is Sarada, so Shikadai promises to help his friend train. As the clip goes on, fans are treated to a look at Sakura and Ino getting drinks with Hinata, but things take a turn when Ibiki shows up.

boruto naruto
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

The terrifying ninja is shown meeting up with Kakashi, and the promo ends with a curious look at Boruto. It seems the boy joins his new teacher and Ibiki somewhere in the village, but there is no word as to why. Fans are convinced Ibiki may be tasked with sparring Boruto to prepare the boy for Deepa's return, but there is a chance Ibiki knows something about the villain. After all, the man is the head interrogation ninja in the Hidden Leaf, so he is bound to know some gossip about Kara's inner group.


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