Boruto Impresses with Sarada and Sakura Fight in Newest Episode

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been making its way through the original Kara Actuation arc as [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been making its way through the original Kara Actuation arc as Boruto and Sarada train themselves for a potential rematch against Deepa, and the newest episode impressed with a stunning fight between Sarada and her mother Sakura. Sarada has been training with her father Sasuke to better control her Sharingan seeing as how her eyes failed her in the fight against Deepa, but Sakura had some issues with how hard her daughter had been pushing herself in this training to do so. So she took her daughter to task in the newest episode of the series.

Worried that Sarada was pushing herself too hard without seeing results, Sakura actually involves herself in one of Sarada and Sasuke's training sessions. Telling Sasuke to back off, Sakura decides to teach her daughter some chakra control directly with a full fight between the two of them that showed that Sakura still has some tricks up her sleeve.

Previous episodes had seen Sakura come to terms with the fact that her daughter is going to be in constant danger like this as a shinobi, but here the two of them essentially air out all of their grievances through this physicality. Sakura notices that in Sarada's training she lacks proper chakra control, so she decides to show her how it's done through this fight.

While Sarada does have some trouble against her mother at first, eventually she does pick up her mother's chakra control as she uses her Sharingan to copy her mother's movements. She copies it so well that the two of them clash their fist and cause a huge wave of wind and destruction. It was an impressive showing for the new Uchiha family overall. But what did you think?

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