Castlevania Reveals Its Creepiest Monsters Yet

The latest season of Castlevania didn't simply reveal a world without Dracula in charge, but a [...]

The latest season of Castlevania didn't simply reveal a world without Dracula in charge, but a world that spawned some of the series' creepiest monsters to date. With Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard each taking on their own unique challenges, the hordes of hell have been unleashed on the world created by the vampiric power vacuum. While some of the monsters are terrifying in their appearances and powers, others are creepier in terms of the sinister secrets that lie within their characters and have been unleashed thanks in part to their return to the world of mankind.

Warning! We'll be diving into some spoiler territory for the third season of Castlevania, so if you haven't had the chance to binge the latest story line, you may want to avoid the rest of this article!

To start, we'll explore the world of Isaac, the devil forger of Dracula who is looking to begin a crusade against humanity following the death of his master at the hands of his son, Alucard. On his journey, Isaac comes into contact with humans both good and bad, shaping his current perception on mankind. In order to learn more about whether or not his path is righteous one, the devil forger calls forth one of his minions that has the ability to talk, "the fly eyed demon".

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The demon begins telling Isaac his past, exploring his origins in Athens, Greece, as a philosopher who was condemned for his beliefs and found his way to hell as a result. As he languished in the lakes of fire, he was resurrected as a demon thanks to Isaac and promises to use his "second chance" on earth to create new dreams for himself which will most likely be quite sinister ones as he has learned to "love sin".

On the other end of the spectrum, with demons that aren't anywhere near as succinct as the aforementioned demon with "fly eyes", the denizens of hell were unleashed in Trevor and Sypha's story. With the cult of Dracula successfully opening up a portal to the underworld, a number of monsters that are familiar from the video game, one even looking strikingly like HP Lovecraft's Cthulu, spring forth.

Trevor and Sypha do a worthwhile job of pushing back the forces of hell, but it's only until Saint Germain sacrifices himself to close the door opened to hell, trapping himself there as well.

Castlevania's third season introduced some of the most terrifying demons to date, and we're crossing our fingers that the world will return for a fourth season in the future.

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