Castlevania Season Four Reveals Release Date

Netflix has finally revealed the long-anticipated release date for the fourth season of Castlevania, though fans might be disheartened to learn that this upcoming entry into the world of vampire hunters will be it's last. Releasing a brand new trailer following the release of a new poster showing the biggest heroes and villains of the video game adaptation for the series created by Konami, it's clear that even with Dracula gone from the land of the living, Trevor Belmont and his friends will have plenty on their plates when the series makes its grand debut later this year.

The third season left Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard in very different places from when they had originally started their journey to take down the lord of the vampires, with the former two vampire slayers traveling the countryside to eradicate darkness as Alucard attempted to exit the shadow of his malevolent father. With armies amassing on the side of Carmilla and her sisters, and the devil forger Isaac who is seeking revenge for the death of Dracula, it seems that the series is aiming to end things with a band based on the new trailer. Though not much new footage was shown in this new trailer, it's clear that the heroes and the villains aren't holding anything back in this fourth and final season.

Netflix took to its Official Twitter Account to share a new trailer for Castlevania Season Four, with a release date of May 13th, and while this will be the final season of this animated adventure, it seems as if the creative minds behind the series are going on record that they are seeking to continue telling stories in the world of the Belmont Clan and their eternal battle against Dracula, lord of the vampires:

Though this is billed as the final season, the creative minds behind the series are apparently looking to continue to venture into this supernatural world, which is definitely a possibility considering the number of different generations that the video game franchise has focused on throughout its life span. While no concrete details have emerged, we would imagine that based on the popularity of the series, we won't be seeing the end of the Belmont Clan but instead, a continuation of the bloodline as new whip wielders take on the world of vampires and demons.


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